Linen Care

Linen and Cotton Care information from Ulster Weavers Home Fashions Ltd
Please wash your tea towel before first use.  You will find the absorbency will vastly improve – and with linen will continue to improve over time.
All cotton and linen tea towels are machine washable using a cotton cycle.

Ulster Weavers recommend 40 degrees for Cottons, and up to 50 degrees for Linens

There really is no need to wash at a higher temperature – especially if you wash the product shortly after use, which Ulster Weavers encourage!

Unfortunately Ulster Weavers cannot guarantee full colourfastness above these temperatures.  Try to wash as part of a full load, and wash darker colours together to minimise any potential colour transfer.

Ulster Weavers tips – try not to use “biological” washing powders, avoid optical brighteners, bleach and never use fabric conditioner!

Ulster Weavers recommend detergents which can be placed in your machine’s powder drawer (or just cut the corner of your liquid-tab, and pour the contents into the drawer) – it stops the detergent directly contacting your precious design!

Drying is best on a line, but if you choose to tumble dry select a medium setting and remove promptly while the towel is still damp.  Smooth and shape before ironing.

Ironing is always on the reverse, and best results achieved from damp.  Ironing will help to improve absorbency.

Ulster Weavers all love natural fibres and their benefits, but please be aware they will shrink.  Ulster Weavers do their best during manufacture to minimise this effect, but please accept a small amount - especially after first wash.

Ulster Weavers would also like to remind you that all natural materials are flammable – keep them away from gas hob flames, ignition lights and open fires.