Tea Towel Uses

If you have any uses for tea towels you would like to share please let us know 

Here are some alternative suggestions for using tea towels:

  • make an apron - instructions on how to do this will be here soon.
  • use as a tray cloth
  • make a re-usable linen bag
  • make a cover for your food processor or mixer
  • use to wrap a gift - tie up with ribbon - the recipient then has 2 gifts !
  • use to cover prepared food
  • use as a wall hanging
  • give as a "hostess" gift when visiting friends
  • make a Roman Blind for a small window, or use 2 matching tea towels to make a pair of curtains
  • make a holder for plastic bags for easy re-use - simply sew the tea towel into tube shape, pop elastic at both ends and add a piece of ribbon as a hanger.
  • make a peg bag